A Guide for the New Moon

A Guide for the New Moon

This month’s Sagittarius New Moon on December 14th is also a solar eclipse, and will be a pinnacle to new creation energy.

Like all new moons, this phase is one that calls you into the unknown and to call in and follow your dreams.

Having the sun and the moon in the same sign together, like all new moons, amplifies the energy. This time, with them both in Sagittarius, it is a time of true new beginning - something more than welcome for the end of 2020.

Mini Rituals for the New Moon in Sagittarius
Do intention setting journaling
Sit down and really focus on what you are calling in for the end of the year. What is it that you want, and how do you want to feel when your bring those things about? Get crystal clear on what you will be asking the universe for this new moon.

Create a new sacred space (or refresh your old one!)
Find a space in your house that you can be comfortable and find time to focus. Cleanse the space in your fave way, and make sure that you have all the tools you need there for your workings. Crystals, tarot or oracle decks, candles, and incense are common. Add textures or art that you love, to really personalize the space. Clean out all the junk and really have a curated space that you feel great in

Try Something New
Even better if it's something that you have been putting off for awhile! New Moons are all about new beginnings, and especially with the free-flying individualistic Sag energy, learning something new can be a perfect endeavour for right now. Want to learn piano? Start that novel that has been gnawing at the back of your head for years? Really need to organize your bookshelf? Do it now, and do it with love and excitement for the experience and result it will bring.

Crystals for the New Moon
With the New Moon being the time of true intention setting and the planting of the seeds we will harvest in the future, we can support those intentions with crystal energy and magic to support you through the cycle.

Crystals used for manifestation are incredible tools to use around this energy, and can help gie you that push to clarify and reach your goals and your full potential.

Here are some crystals perfect for manifestation and for the new moon energy:

Clear Quartz - a universal amplifier of all energy - yours and the other crystals you are using.
Rutilated Quartz - cleanses and energizes, dispelling negative energy and clarifying intentions.
Amethyst - healing, soothing, and perfect for honing intuition and knowing what it is you truly need.
Lapis Lazuli - amazing when used for vision casting, and brings great wisdom and clarity.
Labradorite - self agency and strength, used for beginning resolve to hard times and hard questions.
Black Tourmaline- protector and guide to unknown places. Brings emotional stability and wards off low vibrations.

Tarot Spread for the New Moon in Sagittarius

1. What area of my life could use some growth or space to breathe?

  1. Where do I need to speak up?
  2. Where or who do I need to listen to?
  3. How can I be more flexible and open to new experiences?
5. What lessons have been shown to me lately?

Now that you have tools galore for the New Moon, how are you going to bring it all together for this expansive, refreshing time? Bring 2020 to a clear end, and call in what exactly it is you need for healing as we come into the new year.

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