Crystal Cleansing for Beginners

Crystal Cleansing for Beginners

Do you ever get new crystals and wonder what to do first? Or, have you had some sitting together in a bowl (or dusty at the back of your altar… shh I won’t tell!) and now they feel all stuffy? A good cleanse is what they need to perk them back up and ready them for charging and for them to do all the work you need them to.

If you have never cleansed your gems before, here are a few ways you can do it - today! No special tools or spells needed.

Set them out somewhere where natural light can soak through and and lift out any negative energies. Window sills, tables near windows, or even a car dash if you are in pinch can work! Optimally, outside on the grass or ground is the best spot. Not everyone has access to a backyard or space where this can be safe from others or animals, so work with what you can. Be careful, there are some stones that will fade in too much direct light, such as amethyst, citrine, aquamarine, celestite and fluorite. If you are unsure, Google the crystal you have and double check!

Salt water is used most often, but any water will do. Simply submerge in a bowl or container of sorts, or hold under running water while holding the intention you have for their cleansing. For an extra cleansing pep, use moon water charge from the last Full Moon. Like sunlight charging, there are some crystals that cannot be put into water or salt as they can get damaged. Some of these are selenite, kunzite, calcite and angelite. A little trick - if it ends in “ite”, best to stay away from water! Again, do a quick internet search if you are unsure.

Gather the crystals you are looking to cleanse, and place them in an open space with plenty of room between each stone. Get your smoke of choice - sages, palo santo, and herbs are used here. While lighting the tool of choice, imagine the cleansing intention being burned into it. Wave gently over your stones, imaging any negativities floating away with the smoke. Make sure you are fire safe and do this in an open space with a fireproof surface to put out and set down your bundle/stick of choice.

Sound is a beautiful way to move energy through your stones and lift out stagnant feels. You can use a singing bowl in the same room as your crystals, ring bells around the space or even clap continuously around them if you don’t have anything else available.

Have you used any of these ways to cleanse before? If so, how did they work for you? Let us know if you try any of these and if you loved it!

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