Crystals for the Full Moon + Mini Ritual with Crystals + Tarot Prompts

Crystals for the Full Moon + Mini Ritual with Crystals + Tarot Prompts

It’s full moon time again! This time with a beauty of a full moon in Gemini - the sign of play, intellect, and quick-witted conversation. We put together a jam packed Full Moon guide with our fave crystals to work with, a mini-ritual, and some juicy tarot prompts to journal it out with for this November Frost Moon.

Crystals to work with this Full Moon:

A stone used both for Full Moon magic and as one that works well for geminis, moonstone is the perfect gem to add to your full moon kit. It supports balance, intuition development, spiritual evolution and healing. Shop Moonstone here.

A powerhouse when it comes to manifestation, Labradorite supports the intentions that you want to put forth, as well as supports you while releasing anything that no longer works. It encourages going for new ideas and goals, and helps inspiration flourish.

Tigers Eye
Perfect for the bright power of the Full Moon, Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone that can ground and stabilize you - just what a Gemini moon phase needs. It can help ground in the energy when everything around you feels full and electric. Tiger’s Eye is also a great crystal for confidence, good luck, and prosperity (oftentimes, money!).

Continuing the theme of balance, Ametrine has duality (hello, Gemini!), built right in. As a mix of Amethyst and Citrine, it is a perfect balance of the soothing moon energized Amethyst and the sunny, confidence rich Citrine. Bringing together the physical and psychic worlds during a Full Moon phase.

Mini Ritual

1. Find a quiet, safe space. Make yourself comfortable, light candles or use your favourite essential oils, and arrange your crystals of choice around you. If you can be in the moonlight, even better!

2. Breathe. Take an in-breath for a count of four, hold for four, and then breathe out for four. Do this as many times as you feel you need.

3. Welcome in the full moon energy, as well as any spirits, deities, or energies you have been working with. Bring in everything that you feel will support you as you move through the Full Moon.

4. Visualize. Visualize yourself attracting exactly what it is you are calling in this full moon. Release any judgement you may have around these desires, and focus on what feels like to be bringing them in.

5.  Show gratitude. Thank both yourself and the moon for their presence and focus, and show gratitude for what is coming next in the next few weeks.  You may then blow out any candles and energetically close the space whenever it feels right.

Tarot Prompts for the Full Moon

Card One:
What have you brought in since the last New Moon?

Card Two:
What needs to be brought to the light?

Card Three:
What is no longer serving me, and can be released?

Card Four:
What am I bringing forward this Full Moon?

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