Crystals You Need for the New Year

Crystals You Need for the New Year

Welcome welcome welcome to 2021!

The beginning of this year has been tough to say the least. We knew that January first wouldn’t magically reset to a perfect world, but who could have predicted how the New Year has started.

As we start the new year, resolutions are still front and center and we still should lean into the beginnings all around us with intentionality. We want a holistic and complete approach to designing our lives through tough times, and we can do that with crystals and other rituals that ground and inspire us.

Here are crystal suggestions for the new year for every area of your life:

For Love / Relationship / Friendship / Self Love
Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Selenite

Rose Quartz
The crystal you think of when you think love. It is healing, soothing, and embodies universal love.

Also a very soothing stone, Amazonite invites you to bring healing and balance to yourself and your relationships. Harmony and calm are at the surface with Amazonite.

Brings in intuition, particularly strong for connecting with guides. Boosts self trust, self worth, and a space that does not allow negative energies in.

For Home / Family
Amethyst , Black Tourmaline

Great for establishing a calm and peaceful energy in the home / home environment. Provides clarity to murky or tense situations.

Black Tourmaline
Protection, both for the physical home and for the emotions of the people in the home. Diffuses anger and repels any misunderstandings.

For Money / Wealth / Career
Citrine, Pyrite

Citrine is the most used and one of the most powerful manifestation stones out there. Attracts abundance in all forms.

Activates energies for healing. Creates stability in which to build strong foundations for abundance and wealth.

For Health / Physical Well Being
Chakra Crystals

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Using corresponding crystals for each chakra encourages an entire picture of healing and health, and brings in a wide spectrum of energies for starting optimal health in the new year.

Crown - Clear Quartz
Third Eye - Amethyst
Throat  - Sodalite
Heart - Rose Quartz
Solar Plexus - Citrine
Sacral - Carnelian
Root - Hematite

With the right crystals in your tool box, you can be better prepared to tackle everything - good and bad - that this year has to offer. 

Leave a comment and tell us what crystal has helped you get through this New Year season!
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