How to Create a Crystal Grid |  Crystal Grids 101

How to Create a Crystal Grid | Crystal Grids 101


Create a basic crystal grid to ground yourself and amplify your intentions for the beginning of the year. Here is a quick basic guide on setting up a small grid!

🔮Hone in your intentions for the grid. What is it you are bringing in and guiding towards yourself with the grid?

🔮Choose your crystals. If you are making a smaller grid, choose crystals with more amplified energies. Based on what you want the grid to do, choose corresponding stones that work together for the desired outcome.

🔮Cleanse your space and choose your layout. Find the shapes and mandalas that work best with your intentions. You can use a pre-made grid with lines, or you can make one up that intuitively feels best to you.

🔮Create it, and sink into the energy of the grid. Perform your chosen ritual, or just keep the energy around by having it on your altar or in your space.

Crystal grids are SUCH a special way to level up the magic of your crystals and bring together their powers for ultimate manifesting! 

Feel free to create a grid based around this guide, and share it with us over on Instagram! We recommend posting it to your stories, then tagging us. 

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