Moon Signs and their Crystals

Moon Signs and their Crystals

The moon is the emotional epicentre of the cosmos. It is everything that reflects our hearts most inner workings, and mirrors our emotional needs and wants. When you are connected to the moon, you are connected to your soul.

In astrology, your moon sign is the indicator of the way you express yourself emotionally, and the way you process your feelings and emotions on a personal level. Knowing this sign is like having the key to beginning to do the deep work. It is a starting point for learning your triggers and how you can begin to work with processing and expressing emotions in healthy ways.

Here are some traits of each moon sign, and some crystals you can use to help work with each:

Hot- headed, stubborn and knows what they want emotionally (or at least what they don’t want!) Thrives on spontaneity and excitement.

Crystal Recommendation: Citrine.
Citrine can help you work with the fiery lunar energy and bring in clarity in your passions, as well as confidence and abundance.

Sensuality and those cozy vibes. Luxury and indulgence, Taurus loves emotional depth and stability.

Crystal Recommendation: Selenite
The crystal named for the moon, selenite can help you soothe the already deep feelings you experience on the regular and bathe in the pure lunar vibes.Great for spiritual work and deep peace.

Communication is key. Emotional connection is needed, as well as room for expression and creativity.

Crystal Recommendation: Serpentine
Used for concentrated energy, Serpentine can help Gemini’s scattered tendencies. It works well for meditation practises and clearing of chakras.

The ultimate lunar alignment - Cancer is ruled by the moon. Needs comfort and supportive safety, and a place to release their emotional needs.

Crystal Recommendation: Calcite
Calcite is best for amplifying, so it works great with the existing Cancerian lunar energy to get to the core of this signs needs and bring in the connection of mind and soul.

Creativity on fire - the moon in Leo works hard to show their innate gifts. They are generous and love a space to share their talents and themselves.

Crystal Recommendation: Labradorite
Labradorite is a transformational stone extraordinaire, pairing well with the Leo confidence it a great tool to ground yourself before moving into the next best version of yourself.

Uses systems to support themselves and others emotionally, and are generous with their service and care for others.

Crystal Recommendation: Carnelian
Helps to stabilize Virgo’s often hyper focused self criticizing, and can inspire creativity and more artistic ventures.

Thrives in partnership, whether that be platonic, romantic or familial. Finds peace and harmony in their relationships and works hard to keep their environment peaceful.

Crystal Recommendation: Aquamarine
Aquamarine brings in cleansing, calming energy to work with the harmony that Libra loves to bring into their personal spheres. Helps discover things that have been hidden. Balances judgemental feelings to bring peace.

Intensity and transformation, Scorpio moons come alive in the deep dive to their emotions. Boundaries are key to keep this watery energy under control.

Crystal Recommendation: Celestite
Perfect for healing, soothing, and cleansing, Celestite works well with intense Scorpionic energies to balance them out. It cools off fiery emotions and brings in a sense of rest and rejuvenation.

Loves freedom and explores themselves with curiosity, always on a quest to learn and be their best selves.

Crystal Recommendation: Obsidian
Obsidian helps with self-control, and can reel in the flighty, all-over-the-place energy that Sag moons can have. Purifies, protects, and stimulates growth and lesson learning.

Shows dedication and finds security and fulfillment through achievement. Goal setting is important, especially in personal evolution.
Crystal Recommendation: Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the queen of love of the crystal world, and when used with Capricorn energy it serves as a vessel for learning true self appreciation and self love.

Aquarius is emotionally connected and invested in the collective. They strive for being the highest good, and work towards self mastery as an offering to the world.

Crystal Recommendation: Angel Aura Quartz
This stone brings in universal high vibes, and promotes strong connections with others and collective joy.

Sensitive, moody and always absorbing the energy around them. Pisces moons can cultivate their creativity by embracing their deep feelings and drawing from the psychic connection to the world.

Crystal Recommendation: Lepidolite
Bringing in the deep and emotional feelings that are typical with Pisces, Lepidolite promotes healing and destroys the negativity that can come along with doing deeply creative and spiritual work.

Do you have any crystals that you use to work with the moon or your emotional side? Remember, crystals are just tools to help us bring ourselves to the places we need when working with ourselves and our emotions and energy. Gift yourself the work, and harness that deep connection with the moon.

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