The 8 Best Crystals for the Spring Equinox

The 8 Best Crystals for the Spring Equinox

Spring is upon us at last and we are all welcoming the warmer weather and the return of sunshine. 

With the Equinox, we are ushering in warmer days ahead and honoring the dark winter we are leaving behind. The fruits of are labour are beginning to bud and optimism and joy come to the surface. 

Here are 8 crystals that will work perfect for helping set the tone for a fresh start and new, springtime beginnings.

Green Aventurine
Promotes healing, balances the entire being, and helps with manifesting wealth and abundance.

Moss Agate
Moss Agate connects you to the Earth and nature. It encourages growth, both inner and outer. It is also known to bring peace and to bring fiery emotions to a calm and peaceful balance.

A bright and cheery energy, perfect for the welcoming of the spring sunshine. Calms stress, increases vitality, and sharpens intuitive powers. Bring joyfulness and good nature.

Ruby Zoisite
A combination stone, Ruby bringing strength, courage,and releasing of fear. Zoisite is a green stone of growth. Together, it is a stone of true balance and bliss.

Celestite is perfect for celebrating your intuitive gifts, and helps with learning and integrating lessons from higher powers and spirit guides.

Calming, cool and collected are the keystones of Chrysoprase. Supports balance and healing. Lets you get out of your own head and into optimism and joy.

A stone of calm communication, Sodalite is perfect for soothing tough conversations. Enhances spiritual connection, self expression and intuitive gifts.

Ocean Jasper
Ocean Jasper is a great stone for developing patience, especially in spring time awaiting the end of winter. Helps you look on the positive side, and welcome love and joy despite hardships.

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