4 Crystal Myths You May Have Heard (And Why They Aren’t True!)

4 Crystal Myths You May Have Heard (And Why They Aren’t True!)

Crystals have been a popular subject for many years, and like with many things that come into the mainstream, some strange conversations start to happen around these subjects.

Most times it is hard to find where these “rules” come from. They seem arbitrary, with no backing knowledge or reasoning. I’d like to bust some of these 4 well known crystal myths.

Crystals are Instant Magic
Most crystals won't immediately bring the change you are looking for. For example, Citrine is a common stone used for abundance. If you plop a Citrine on your desk and expect money to appear in your bank account immediately, you may be mistaken. 

That being said, working with stones that correspond to things you would like to manifest is definitely helpful. Just don't expect a quick or instant fix.

You Need To Be Gifted  Your Crystals
Most commonly known as a rule for tarot cards, the idea that crystals must be gifted to be used is simply incorrect. The act of being gifted any type of spiritual tool does not change the effect it may have on your practise or life, nor does it bring any bad luck with it either. 

Choosing your own crystals is a better idea anyways because then you know what resonates with you and what gems you may be called to that you otherwise may not use.

There Is Only One Way to Work With Crystals
What a lazy "rule"! 

Just as spirituality and practises are not one size fits all, neither is crystal use. If you get what you need out of them by having a large dish of stones on your desk, amazing. If you do elaborate rituals with a specifically chosen crystal corresponding to your desires and the moon phase, incredible. 

Only you know what works for you.

Some crystals don't need cleansing
Now, always refer to what feels best for you.

But, all crystals have vibrations. Just as a car battery sometimes gets low, our crystals do too. Selenite is a crystal that often is said doesn't need any kind of cleansing or charging. If you use the selenite for 10 rituals back to back and have it hanging out in a place where it is seen and touched often, chances are it will absorb a ton of the energies floating around. 

Giving it a quick cleanse in the moonlight can help clear that out and breathe fresh life into it. 

*note: Do not submerge Selenite in water

Have you heard any strange rules or myths around crystal use?

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