A Guide For Aries Season - Prompts & Crystal Recommendations For You!

A Guide For Aries Season - Prompts & Crystal Recommendations For You!

As we shift out of watery Pisces, we start the zodiac anew with fiery Aries. A stubborn, hair trigger sign, it is most well known for its temper and spicy ways. Aries also holds an incredible amount of energy, enthusiasm, and tenacity. This season is perfect for starting new projects, taking risks,  and having new experiences.

Here are my crystal recommendations for the Aries Season:

Carnelian - Brings vitality and lifeforce. Stimulates creativity, and inspires motivation. Attracts prosperity, abundance and good luck.

Citrine - Perfect for manifestation, Citrine represents abundance in all forms. It brings positivity, generosity, and overall success.

Honey Calcite - Empowerment central! Brings motivation and skill to complete tasks. Roots down for grounding so that you can accomplish big lofty goals.

Aries Season Affirmations:
I welcome clarity in discovering my life path and purpose.

I allow myself to be a beginner.

Things are happening for me.

The universe is always supporting me.

I have all of the strength I need.

Journal Prompts for Aries Season

What would I do with your life if I were guaranteed success?

How can I clarify on what my purpose may be?

How can I be open and flexible about what that purpose looks like?

Aries can be a dazzling start to the year of the zodiac, but is a perfect blast off point for big dreams and passion projects. Don’t let yourself get too carried away, keep yourself grounded, and harness the energy of the ram for big results. 

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