A Pisces New Moon Guide

A Pisces New Moon Guide

Pisces New Moon
On March 13th, we will have a refreshing, deep dive of a New Moon in Pisces.

As we all know, New Moons are the best for intention setting and getting clarity on the things we want to attract in the coming few weeks. Add in Pisces energy, and we really want to dive deep and get to the bottom of what those emotional and spiritual needs may be for us.

Here are my crystal recommendations for the Pisces New Moon:

Lepidolite - the true dissolver of tension, negativity, and anxiety. Lepidolite is used for healing tough emotional traumas, and supports relaxation and sleep.

Smoky Quartz - Encourages letting go of negative feelings and energies, working through negativity, and bringing in a grounding mindset.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz - The ultimate self love stone, perfect for soothing and bringing in vibrations of forgiveness and self care. Happiness emits strongly from this crystal.

Pisces New Moon Affirmations:
I hold compassion and forgiveness for myself and others

I allow energy to flow freely through me

I speak my truth and honor my truth

I am open to my higher truths speaking clearly to me

I allow my spiritual gifts to be activated.

Journal Prompts for the New Moon in Pisces

Are there negative, nagging feelings that you may be suppressing right now?

If so, what are they? And where may they be coming from?

What would it feel like to release this worry?

How can I release and clear space for new positivity and manifestations to appear?

Even if you do not do anything to honor the New Moon in Pisces, make sure you give yourself some time to rest and reflect, and relax into yourself. You do not always have to be on, and giving yourself rest and space to simply feel and be is right on brand for a deep, spacious Pisces New Moon. 

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