Crystals You Need for Christmas

Crystals You Need for Christmas

We all know how overwhelming the Christmas season can be. Especially in 2020, where unprecedented events have made it even harder and more confusing to navigate.

Travelling (or not!), family, isolation, money, presents, food, feeling rushed, feeling lost.. These are all things that can be brought up this time of year.

What we need is some wisdom, and a sliver of support from wherever we can get it. That’s where our crystals can come in! Leaning onto the tools we have and working with them and our intuition can be powerful. Here are some crystals we recommend for the Christmas season:

Rose Quartz

Great for soothing, diffusing rushed energy and of course for self love and acceptance. Carry or wear some for comfort and tension relief.

Moss Agate

A bomb stone for creating your best self through new goals and ideals, and especially good for helping get along with others - perfecting communication skills and self expression in constructive ways.

Black Tourmaline

Keep that negativity at bay! Helps with relaxation, protection, and grounded. Often used with people who live or stay in uncomfortable or challenging places. Soothes anxiety and anger, helping diffuse and release it.

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