Crystals for Self Love

Crystals for Self Love

February is definitely the month of love. While Valentine's Day is the obvious reasoning behind this, February is also a month with both Aquarius and Pisces - Airy and Watery signs that often focus on what we can do to honor ourselves, our creativity and freedom, and our emotional and spiritual needs. February is also one of the toughest months for those in the Northern Hemisphere that can be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), because of the colder, bleaker weather and general lack of sunlight. Toss in a dose of global pandemic and well.. We ALL need some self love right now!

I have put together a guide for crystals you can use for Self Love and everything it encompasses: awareness, grace, acceptance, trust and respect. Most of these crystals are also perfect for the beginner and are easily accessible to snatch up! Make sure to incorporate these stones into your rituals and life this month to exercise that self love muscle and really show yourself the care and tenderness you deserve.

Dendritic Agate
This multidimensional, strong stone brings wisdom, growth through self awareness and through inner work. 

Dendritic Agate helps to perceive the self imposed limitations and patterns that have created our experiences. It also helps us to examine our behaviours and provides the stable determination to make necessary adjustments. It creates a great, grounding experience to bring you into reality.
Shop Dendritic Agate here. 

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the original love stone, and for good reason. It represents universal love, healing, and harmony.
Use it for acceptance by letting the stone soothe any judgments you may have about your perceived shortcomings, and let help you love yourself unconditionally.
Shop Rose Quartz here.

Pink Mangano Calcite
Pink Mangano Calcite is soothing, healing, and peaceful. It brings an air of patience and forgiveness, perfect for forming the base to begin our work on trusting ourselves and our intuitions. It also helps with compassion and self acceptance.
Shop Pink Mangano Calcite here.

Tigers Eye
Perfect for self confidence, Tigers Eye is a powerhouse of a stone that helps the user with luck, protection, and self respect.
It is commonly used to focus and to help with mental clarity, and to still anxiety and fear. It cultivates rock solid assuredness, and helps with creating an abundance mindset.
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Here are some honorable mentions for other stones you can bring in for that sweet self devotion.


Have you worked with any crystals specifically to treat yourself and show yourself some lovin’? If so, I would love to know!

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