How to Start Working With Crystals

How to Start Working With Crystals

Want to start working with crystals, but you are unsure of how to start? Have some questions you are unsure of? Start here. Where you are. It doesn't have to be complicated or confusing - let’s go!

What crystals are used for?
What are crystals even used for? Most often, they are used as a form of physical, energetic, and emotional healing, for ritual, for spiritual workings such as connecting with dieties and ancestors, for manifestation and much more.  Each stone has been given a meaning and a specific set of values that can help you in different areas of your life. You can then choose which to have and to use for different areas of your life that you feel you need support and assistance with.

Choosing a crystal
The simple way of putting it is - whichever you are drawn to. You can search out specific crystals for your specific needs, such as manifesting abundance or for spiritual protection, sure. Often, the one the “calls out” to us is the one we need, even if we are unsure about what it might be at the moment.

Feel for colors and textures that appeal to you, and then see how it can support you either by looking up the meaning or asking it directly how it can serve you.

Are there crystals that are good for beginners?

You bet!

The common ones are:

Clear Quartz
The ultimate programmer, clear quartz is used to amplify energies and can help charge and clear other crystals. It is used to enhance psychic abilities, and aligns all chakras.
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The Queen stone for manifesting! Citrine is a stone used for abundance, positivity, confidence, and working with encouraging self expression.
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An energetic powerhouse, fluorite is used to absorb and dispel negative energies and helps with concentration, balance and positivity.

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The healing stone. Most often used for protection, energetic soothing and self realization. If you need an injection of confidence in yourself and your abilities, grab some of this!

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Rose Quartz
A stone for love of all kinds. Self-love, platonic loves, serious relationships and one night stands, Rose Quartz brings in acceptance, trust, harmony and deep inner healing.

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Some quick tips for beginners
- Learn how to cleanse your crystals. (We have a post on that here.)
- Some crystals have limitations - no water, or sunlight, or salt.
- Cleanse - but not every time you look at them! (if you don’t want to). They can have some breathing time between cleanses and charges.
- Start where you are. How you work with your crystals is
- You don’t need to memorize every one and their meaning. Don’t try to be a crystal master in the first week. The practise is intuitive and completely up to you.
- Yes, you can buy it if you just like how it looks. There are no rules, and it was probably calling to you for a reason. 

Let us know what crystals you want to start with, or which ones you were guided to at the beginning of your journey!
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