Thriving in Mercury Retrograde | A Survival Guide

Thriving in Mercury Retrograde | A Survival Guide

You know when your computer shuts down, your phone installs some weird updates, you miss 2 different Zoom meetings in a row AND you misplaced your Airpods and you think.. Damn.. Is Mercury in Retrograde or something? If this has happened to you recently, I am sure you are aware that it most definitely is.

We are in the thick of Mercury Retrograde that started January 30 and goes until February 21, and man - it can be tough. We often find ourselves wondering if everything REALLY goes haywire around this time, or if it is all coincidence. For most, Mercury Retrograde is a great period to rest, recalibrate, and make sure all of our ducks are in a row.

What is Mercury Retrograde?
If you don’t know what Merc Retro entails, it is a time in the cosmos where the planet Mercury slows and appears to move backwards.

How can this affect me?

Energetically, this means that anything that is highly influenced by Mercury can be slowed or stalled. These things include communication, electronics, and travel. Watch how you are having conversations for the next few weeks, and make sure everything digital you have is backed up.

Also, know that this Retrograde is not something to be afraid of! It is not this electronic doomsday that a lot of people say it is, just a time to tune in to yourself and be extra careful with the details.

What are some ways I can make the retro energy work for me?
Keep in mind that this time is only temporary, and that everything will go back to a relative normal in a few weeks. It really is what you make of it, and the more you relax into what needs to happen and what can wait, the easier it will be to handle all of the potential curve balls that may come from it.

Journal and review things that consistently come up for you. Working on your shadow self or inner child can really be productive at this time. Reflection (not brooding!) can help clarify stuck patterns and new ways to break through them that you may not have seen before.

-Back up what you can
Don’t panic, but see what you can back up tech-wise. Computer files, important photos, and phone updates are all important here and can provide you with a sense of security if anything were to go wonky.

-Practice flexibility
Be prepared to need to be a bit more lax around everyday things. Getting worked up about something that you cannot control will not serve you, so take some deep breaths and remember that it will all work itself out, eventually.

-Slow Down
Rest. Rest. Rest. Rest. Take a bath. Take a nap. Give yourself some grace and make sure that you are chilled out. Being on all the time can be killer on the nervous system, and we need you to be getting some quality sleep and nourishment to be ready to work through anything that may come.

Do you feel Mercury Retrograde energy at all?✨
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