About Me

Ascension has been a long time project I am finally able to see come to fruition. I want to introduce myself and share a little more about myself.

My name is Ruby, a Latina woman who comes from a long line of strong and gifted women. (My mom's favorite crystal was Ruby, which she named me after. Funny how that worked out!) In my family, we each have our unique gifts and have always been big on spirituality, herbalism, etc.

I am an emotional fiery leader. My vision is to help teach others freedom of self through the different healing modalities like crystals and sound healing.

I created this site not only to be easy to navigate but also to educate you on all the benefits these crystals have. Feel free to connect with me, whether you need more information, share requests for what you would like to see, or to chat and get to know me a bit better.
I hope to 'meet' you all on the Live sales and help your collections grow!

All my love,