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Bandit Blue/Green Calcite

Bandit Blue/Green Calcite

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Blue/Green Calcite is a special and VERY important piece for our current times. It is a healer of Mother Earth and a teacher. Blue/Green Calcite is here to infuse the space we live in with abundant, restorative energy.

This Calcite carries the energy of ancient civilizations. It holds the knowledge as a lesson for us all on what we can do to grow as a peaceful society as well as what NOT to do. This piece has a very real Atlantis vibe and has much to teach us. ALL of us.

Blue/Green Calcite is a bridge between the Heart Chakra and the second Heart Chakra (Thymus Chakra). It is a merging of the two. A higher connection, a soul connection, a direct connection to the unconditional love of the source.

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